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Welcome Aboard!
Ready to take the helm & get your home and life in order?
Do you feel like you're adrift in a sea of clutter?
Is the excess stuff in your life weighing you down like an anchor?   
Is disorganization costing you valuable time, money, space and energy?
Have you tried to get your home squared away, but became
overwhelmed and never made any headway? 
We at Navigate Your Space® believe your home should be a safe harbor.
A calm, relaxing place that reflects who you are and what is
most important in your life. 
If you are ready to embark on a journey to create a simpler,
more organized life, you don't have to go alone. 
Professional organizer, Barbara Powell, will be there to guide,
encourage and motivate you along the way.
Don't miss the boat!
Cast off the clutter and get your SPACES in ship-shape order!
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