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Call today for your free phone consultation.  We'll discuss your needs, I'll explain my services and schedule a convenient time for your in-home assessment.
In-Home Assessment 
This visit will give you an opportunity to meet me and learn how I can help you better Navigate Your Space®.  We'll explore in detail each space that is causing you stress and frustration.  We'll review the layout, contents and your current organizing challenges.  You will be encouraged to visualize how you want to utilize the spaces once they are organized.  
Chart Your Course 
Having determined your vision and specific needs for your spaces, we'll use them as our compass - pointing us in the right direction to reach your desired destination.  We'll then be ready to embark on your organizing journey. 
Let's Get Underway
During each organizing session, I will be by your side, guiding you through the process.  I'll teach you how to efficiently sort your things and help you decide what is important to you now.  I'll help you stay motivated and focused on keeping only those items that contribute to your vision for the space and your life.  I'll provide creative solutions and tools to solve your organizing challenges.  During our sessions, you will learn the skills to maintain your new, simpler systems in the future. 
 Your Guiding Beacon
During your journey, you may experience rough seas as you face the tough decisions and difficult tasks of getting organized.  You will not face these alone.  I will be by your side, making sure you are equipped to weather any storms you encounter.  I will be there to support, motivate and guide you until you reach your destination.
Markers of Success
You have so much to gain from organizing your home and life.  Choosing to cast off the clutter, get organized and learn how to stay organized, will give you great freedom.  The freedom to live, work and relax in spaces that reflect and encourage who you are, what is important to you and your vision of a successful and productive life.
Let's chart a new course to simplify your home and your life.
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